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Praxis is comprehensive in terms of the topics it covers in project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) but it is by no means comprehensive in terms of the vast array of ideas, experience and stories that can help any practitioner become better at what they do. Within Praxis, the resource pages, articles and blogs all provide information that expands upon the basic principles contained in the Praxis website.

In keeping with our mission to make P3M more accessible and more easily applied, Praxis also aims to support other guides rather than replace them. In this section we have provided detailed explanations of how Praxis can be used with other guides and frameworks.

These guides and Praxis are complementary. While Praxis provides a broad perspective, these guides often take one aspect of Praxis into greater detail or provide a specialist context for its use.

The current range of complementary guides are:




ISO21500 is the international standard for project management. It contains a process model that is easily mapped against Praxis. It is a very high level standard and doesn't contain much detail. This set of web pages explains how Praxis can supplement ISO21500 so that an organisation can implement project management in detail but still be ISO21500 compliant.

UK Government Project Delivery Standard

The Project Delivery Standard is a high level policy statement of how projects should be run in UK Government. Independent of its governmental source, it is actually an excellent example of the type of policy document that any organisation needs in order to achieve Level 2 capability maturity. (Downloadable pdf)

World Bank, Public Private Partnerships

The World Bank's guidance on Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects deals with the identification and acquisition of infrastructure through PPP. Our document shows how Praxis works with this guidance to provide the detailed project management element. (Downloadable pdf)

Five case business case model

Although published by the UK government, this is an excellent guide to taking a comprehensive view of business cases in any context. It provides suplementary detail to Praxis's business case section and in return, Praxis provides detail on the many topics referenced but not explained in the five case model. (Downloadable pdf)



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