Contributing to our research

Welcome to this research project which is a collaboration between Praxis Framework and Team Animation.

Our aim is to enhance the Praxis Framework in a very practical way. Eventually, all the relevant functions and processes in the Praxis Framework will be enhanced by explanations of how different people with different communication styles apply them in practice. We believe that understanding your own style and that of others will make the job of working together as a team far more effective and will be applicable, not just to Praxis but to all P3M frameworks.

This phase of the research is limited to 100 contributors. We will then refine and extend the material available before inviting more detailed feedback.


How to help...

There are four steps to helping us create the next generation of project, programme and portfolio frameworks.

Step 1

First of all, you need to know your preferred communication style. You can find that out in just a few minutes by clicking on the picture opposite and answering 10 questions in a short diagnostic.

The survey at the end of this process will ask you whether you think the result is a good reflection of your preferred style.

Step 2

Once you know your colour, click on this picture to see how we are adding information about different communications styles to the Praxis Framework.

If you saw our launch presentation at Project Challenge on 11th October, you could probably skip this step.

Step 3

Next, you should visit our sample pages to see if the explanations of how we think your preferences affect your preferred approach to three Praxis functions: risk management; benefits management and stakeholder management. Our short survey will ask if you think these pages accurately reflect your attitude to the application of the different functions.

Each page describes all four communication styles. If you have time to review all pages that would be great but if you only have time to look at one or two, we would still appreciate your feedback.

The survey will only ask you about your views on your own colour, so you can read about that on the web page or download a pdf that only describes your colour.

Step 4

Finally, we would greatly appreciate you completing our survey. It's only four questions so won't take up a lot of your time.

Our aim at this stage is to simply guage the community's initial response to this approach and its value to the profession.


What next?

This is just the start of the iMA Praxis Framework project. We will be adding content, instigating discussions and posting news in our LinkedIn group.

To keep in touch, simply click on the picture opposite and ask to join the group. Remember, we are creating a free resource for the benefit of the profession and as a member of the P3M community you can make a valuable contribution.

If you are not on LinkedIn, you can follow us on Twitter at @DonnieMacNicol or @PraxisFramework to be kept up to date with our progress.


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Contributing to our research

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