A charter is produced by the develop charter process. It will be submitted to the sponsor to gain formal recognition of the work as a project or programme, and authorisation to commit organisational resources to the develop plans process.

  • Introduction
  • Any relevant background information, typically drawn from the statement of work.

  • Outline organisation
  • As a minimum, this will name the project or programme manager and sponsor.

  • As this document is used to gain approval for the next phase of the project or programme, an outline of the organisation that will be required to complete the develop plans process should be described.

  • Outline business case
  • An assessment of the costs and benefits of the work. Wherever possible this section should show that alternative ways of satisfying the business need have been considered.

  • This section will build on the initial business case provided as an input to the develop charter process.

  • Measurable objectives
  • A clear description of the main outputs, outcomes and benefits of the work with acceptance criteria.

  • Key risks
  • A summary of the top priority risks, describing their impact on the work, the intended risk responses and any associated contingency funds required to address them.

  • Summary schedule
  • Typically at this stage, this will only be a milestone schedule. It is advisable to indicate a range for completion of the work and the confidence levels in this date range.

  • A more detailed schedule for the performance of the develop plans process should also be provided.

  • Outline budget
  • As with the schedule, this budget will be high level and a range of costs with confidence levels should be described.

  • Key stakeholders
  • A summary of the most influential stakeholders with a brief description of their area of interest and plans to engage with them.

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