Delivery processes

The delivery phase of the life cycle is managed using three interconnecting processes: direct work, control work and control changes.

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  • Direct work
  • This is the process that actually delivers outputs. It involves the delegation of work from the plans to individual staff, teams or contractors.

  • Progress data will be captured and fed to the control work process.

  • Note: Deliverables are not explicitly listed as an output of direct work in ISO21500 but it is clear from the text that they should included.

  • Control work
  • This process assesses and reports on progress, checks the quality of the outputs, instigates corrective action and, where necessary, issues change requests.

  • It is possible that poor progress cannot be corrected and the requirements of the business case can no longer be met. In this case control work may instigate a request to the sponsor to terminate the project or programme and invoke the close process.

  • Control changes
  • Change requests must be assessed for their impact on the business case. If they are deemed beneficial or necessary to deliver the project, they will be approved.


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Delivery processes

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