Scope statement

It is important to note that this is a definition of the project or programme scope not just the scope of what will be delivered, i.e. it includes management deliverables (documents) as well as technical deliverables.

  • Description
  • The characteristics of the objectives (outputs, outcomes or benefits) of the project or programme. These may not all be known as the outset and will be progressively refined as the work proceeds.

  • Acceptance criteria
  • The conditions that must be met before the major deliverables will be accepted.

  • Deliverables
  • Any unique and verifiable product that is required to be produced during a project or programme. This may include management documents as well as products that will be handed over to the host-organisation.

  • Exclusions
  • It is often very valuable to define what is NOT included in the project or programme scope. This will manage stakeholder expectations as well as preventing the project team making assumptions about work that is, in their opinion, ‘implicit’ in the scope.

  • Assumptions
  • Any factor that is considered to be true while planning the project or programme. For example, it may be assumed that access to a facility will be available by a specific date.

  • Constraints
  • Any factor that limits the way the work will be performed. This could include contractual, regulatory or working practice constraints, e.g. perhaps noisy work cannot be carried out after 5pm.

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Scope statement

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