Praxis translations

Since its launch in May 2014, Praxis has been very fortunate to attract volunteers who have offered to translate sections of the framework into languages other than English for the benefit of project and programme managers in their home countries.

Thus far translations into Italian, Spanish and French have been completed and appear as options alongside English on the home page.

This page will keep you up to date with material as it becomes available on the Praxis web site.

italian flag


Italian – complete; thanks to E-quality Italia and Project Management Europa



Spanish - complete; thanks to Ignacio Manzanera


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French – complete; thanks to the French Project Management Association (SMaP) and Wei Square


polish flagPolish - selected articles. Thanks to Zarządzanie Projektami


If you would like to get involved in an existing project as a volunteer translator or start a project in another language, please contact us on


10th February 2015Polish translation update
9th December 2016Update on Spanish and French translations.

Praxis translations

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