What makes Praxis so different?’s all about unique tools that help to apply knowledge and make a real difference to your project delivery.

There are numerous PPM frameworks available from professional and standards bodies all over the world. When you delve into the detail, these frameworks, bodies of knowledge and methodologies are all based on the same fundamental common-sense principles. The main differences between them are the sub-set of PPM that they cover and their branding.

But Praxis is different and not simply because it is on-line and free. Praxis covers the full range of projects, programmes and portfolios, and also integrates knowledge, method, competence and maturity in a single framework.

But what really makes it different is that it includes practical tools that are aimed at real world application of the framework.

Here are four ways we do that:


Training and certification

There are many certifications on the market from a wide range of professional and commercial bodies that address various sub-sets of PPM. Attending multiple courses and gaining multiple certifications in different aspects of PPM is an expensive business. Because Praxis is complete and integrated, a single Praxis certification can be equivalent to at least three others – saving time and money.

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Individual application

It’s one thing going on a course and gaining knowledge (or even a certification) – it’s a different thing actually applying it. The Praxis checklist assessments help individuals develop the right habits. It encourages behaviour that applies the simple principles of good project delivery, despite the constant pressure to cut corners.

The approach has been shown to work in surgery by reducing mortality rates by 47% worldwide - why not use the same approach to make us more effective at delivering projects.

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Team effectiveness

Everyone is different and interprets the principles of project delivery in different ways. Building on an approach to understanding personal behaviour that is one of the most common in use today (DISC), Team Praxis allows team members to understand each other’s preferences more fully to improve team working and collaboration.

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Organisational maturity

The checklist assessments used to develop the right habits in individuals also provide a real-time dashboard of organisational capability maturity. The Praxis maturity assessments are configurable, 360o and integrate the development of individuals with collective, organisational effectiveness.

There’s no waiting for a big set-piece maturity assessment and report. The day after people gain knowledge of the framework, they can start to develop the right habits, which in turn leads to organisational maturity.

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So, unlike other frameworks, Praxis gives you practical tools to start improving project delivery the day after the training finishes. And did we mention, this is all royalty free and open. As part of the Praxis community you can suggest any improvements and extensions to the framework to ensure it remains community driven.

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What makes Praxis so different?

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