How to get involved

There are three ways to get involved with Praxis and help us meet our objective of being community driven.

Core content:

The 'core content' of Praxis comprises the web pages in the five sections, namely, Knowledge, Method, Competence, Maturity and Library.

You can suggest corrections, updates and extensions to any of these pages. These will be subject to formal change control in order to preserve the integrity of the framework as a whole.

This lies at the heart of being community driven. It is how Praxis will remain up to date and reflect latest thinking.

If your suggestions are incorporated, you will be acknowledged in the associated history page and on our contributors' page.


The resource tables associated with knowledge and process topics will contain articles, templates, example documents, case studies and any other resource that can help people working on projects, programmes and portfolios.

You can submit any kind of resource for us to review. It doesn't have to be compatible with Praxis terminology but it would help if it was. Our aim is to represent the diversity of the discipline and not be prescriptive about the approach.

Please note: this is not a promotional opportunity. Anything overtly aimed at promoting products or services will not be posted, although a link will be included, to a web page of your choice, alongside your contribution. You will also be acknowledged on our contributors' page.

Spread the word:

Praxis is free and has no source of income. Our only measures of success are the number of people who visit the site, the number who get involved and the profile we achieve on the web.

If you think Praxis has value to the profession, please tell your colleagues, link to us from your web site and mention us on blogs and in Twitter posts #praxisframework.

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