APMG International Launches Certifications for Praxis Framework™

Posted on 01 Jan 2018

As Praxis’s popularity continues to rise - global accreditation and exam body, APMG International has released a new certification based on the Praxis Framework. The Praxis Framework certification confirms an individual can utilise the framework to maximise the effectiveness of an organisation’s projects and programmes.By combining the strongest elements of project, programme and portfolio guidance – Praxis packs in the value of three introductory certifications into a single one. This removes the frustrating overlap that practitioners often experience while pursing separate project and ... Read more.

Translations update

Posted on 12 Dec 2017

The popularity of Praxis is growing worldwide and more volunteers are coming forward to translate the framework.The Knowledge and Method sections are now available in Chinese (Mandarin), with the Library being the next section to be uploaded.We are progressing well with the Knowledge section in Bahasa Indonesia and are planning to start on the German translation in the New Year.Other translations are in the pipeline. We are close to reaching 30% of the world's population in their first language and half the world's population in their first or second language.The Praxis Framework is ... Read more.

Nouvelle traduction en français

Posted on 14 Jul 2017

Praxis Framework est maintenant disponible en françaisMerci beaucoup à la SMaP pour la traduction. Connaissances Méthode Compétences Maturité Bibliothèque Contexte Processus Gestion Capacité Encyclopédie Gestion Documentation Processus Maturité ... Read more.

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About Praxis

Praxis is a free framework for the management of projects, programmes and portfolios. Praxis brings together a body of knowledge, methodology, competence framework and capability maturity model in a single integrated framework with a single structure and terminology. No more need for mapping and translation between different guides.

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