Core P3M Data Club

Posted on 12 Jul 2019

The Core P3M Data club provides an example governance framework from main board, through to portfolio, programme, project, and assurance, and offers principles for management teams and finance, and implication for what organisations need to do to enable benefits of a joined-up approach - referring to core elements of Praxis for definition and background. It has been contributed to by many greatly respected practitioners, vendors, consultants and client organisations - who are members of the voluntary club. It also has a data model which was seeded initially from Praxis definitions but extended as work on the governance model has advanced.

In keeping with a central aim of the Core P3M Data Club, David Dunning (founder) has reached out to Adrian Dooley (founder of the Praxis Framework) with respect to publishing the Core P3M Data Club outputs through the Praxis Framework - subject of course to material checks, quality confirmation and a final agreement.

If you are not a member of the Core P3M Data club, you can join here

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