Praxis local

Posted on 30 Apr 2018

Many organisations like to have a simple overview of their processes and resources that acts as an aide-memoir for everyone involved in the management of projects and programmes. These overviews usually provide links to both internal and external resources, ideally in the form of hyperlinks.

At Praxis Framework, we have worked with organisations who want to integrate their internal resources with the extensive guidance provided by the framework - but then present that in a simple way. The result is Praxis Local.

Every organisation will have its own take on this approach, so what we provide is just a starting point. A simple pdf file that summarises the framework and links to the website when greater detail is required. This was created using PowerPoint which means it is easy to tailor and adapt to each organisation's unique requirements.

In keeping with our ethos of providing world class resources completely free, you can now download not only the pdf but also the original PowerPoint file. Please feel free to adapt this and distribute it around your organisation without any copyright restrictions. We simply ask that you always recognise the source and direct people to our web site when they need supplementary information.

If you find this useful and have suggestions for adaptation and improvement, please get in touch and let us know. Your ideas or contributions could be useful for others in the project and programme management community.

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