Where next for Praxis?

Posted on 14 Apr 2014

It took just about two years from the initial mandate to the publication of the Praxis Framework web site. We are pleased to report that the project was delivered on-time and under budget. Only time will tell if we meet the objectives of making project, programme and portfolio management more accessible to people around the world.

So where next for Praxis?

Over the next few months we hope to add quite a bit of additional content. The immediate focus will be on learning and development resources.

First up will be a learning and development scheme that describes a three level development path. Level 1 will be about basic knowledge of all aspects of non-complex P3 management. Level 2 will have the same breadth but be about application.

Level 3 will comprise a series of more detailed modules covering both knowledge and application in more complex environments. These three levels will provide the foundation for the development of competence through experience.

The syllabi for all levels will be based on the knowledge and performance criteria from the competency framework. This adheres to the Praxis principle of integration and enables the development of competent people to be automatically aligned with the development of a mature organisation.

The Praxis web site will provide details of the overall scheme, syllabi for all three levels and generic level 1 training resources for use by knowledgeable and experienced trainers (all free and in keeping with Praxis open principles). We will also post all the diagrams used within the Praxis web site for use by trainers in developing additional training materials.

Next will be a set of templates for the documentation described in the method section of Praxis. These templates will come in annotated and non-annotated forms. The intention is that the annotated forms will be useful when first sketching out your thoughts for the content of your documentation while the non-annotated forms are what you would use to create your formal documents.

Two samples of this approach are already available in the library for business case management.

Finally (as far as current plans are concerned) are a series of self-learning exercises for many of the tools and techniques described in the framework.

That will keep us busy this year and we hope to include additional resources provided by the P3M community at large. You can keep up to date with new resources as they are added to the Praxis web site by following us on Twitter at - @PraxisFramework.


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