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0 to Ac 0/100 rule Actual time expended (ATE)
Ad to Az Adair Avoid
B to Be Backlog Beta distribution
Bi to Bz Bid Buyer
C to Ci C/Spec Cialdini
Cl to Com Claim Compound risk
Coo to Cz Co-ordination matrix Cycle time
D to Del Daily log Delphi technique
Dem to Dz Demobilsation Dynamic systems development method
E to Esc Earliest finish Escalation
Est to Ez Establish project team External dependency
F Fallback plan Furlong
G to H Gamma distribution Hypercritical
I i/j numbers Iterative life cycle
J to L j-node Loop
M Maccoby and Scudder Must start on
N to O Near critical activity Overload
P to Pl P2 process model Plans (PRINCE2 Theme)
Pm to Prob PMBoK® guide Probability-impact table
Proc to Prog Procedure Progressive elaboration
Proj to Pz Project Push system
Q Q-sort method Quantitative schedule risk analysis
R to Re RACI Reviewer
Ri to Rz Risk (ISO21500 subject group) Rough order of magnitude
S to So Safety management plan Solutions development
Sp to Sz Span activity Synergistic contingency evaluation and response technique
T Take corrective action Tuckman
U to Z Uniform distribution Zero float


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Glossary index

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