Assessment overview report

The overview report for a single assessment contains the following sections:

The distinction between capabilities and maturities in Praxis is explained in the Capability maturity approach page.

  • The overall level achieved

  • A breakdown of functional capabilities and process maturities

  • Benchmark comparisons of functional capability and process maturity

In the example project, the overall capability maturity level achieved is 0 but the project is close to achieving level 1 with 17 of the 20 topics assessed (85%) achieving or exceeding level 1.



The report shows that while three topics are at level 0; 13 topics have reached level 1; three have reached level 2 and one has reached level 3.

The next section of the report explains this in more detail.



Combined and average levels are given for both functional capabilities and process maturities. The combined level is based on the weakest links and the average level gives a more generalised view or the project. 

Clearly, in the Shackleton Project, the focus needs to be on managing stakeholders, project support and managing the boundaries between stages. Addressing these three areas could quickly get the project to level 1.

The final section of the report only appears if you have included the assessment in the benchmark database.

Your functional capability and process maturity scores are compared to all projects in the database and those that have the same context as yours.


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Assessment overview report

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