The Praxis capability assessment tool has two purposes. As the name suggests it can be used to assess the capability maturity of a project, programme or portfolio; but it also acts as a checklist that helps you adopt good practice and greatly improve your chances of success.

The features that make the Praxis capability maturity assessment tool unique are that it:

  • includes 360o assessment that enables managers, team members and stakeholders to contribute to a rounded view of how the project, programme or portfolio is being managed
  • allows projects to be consolidated with programmes and portfolios to give an integrated view
  • provides instant feedback and creates a real-time dashboard of how good practice is being applied
  • links seamlessly to the rest of the Praxis Framework – making it an integral part of a Centre of Excellence or assurance within a PMO.

And all this is completely FREE under the terms of a Creative Commons licence. Individual topic assessments can be performed without registration but to consolidate assessments and produce reports you will need to register and create an account.

There are guides available to take you through every stage of using the assessment tool.

A good place to start is the guest assessment before moving on to creating a project or programme assessment (for which you will need to create an account).

Completing an assessment explains how to fill in the questionnaires and get instant feedback on a topic by topic basis.

We are currently preparing a set of ‘infographic checklists’ (see stakeholder management sample) to prepare for your assessment or to help others understand how to improve.

To learn more about the underlying principles of the assessment process have look at the capability maturity approach guide and the consolidation guide.

The next step is to look at the assessment overview reports and, once you are ready, try inviting colleagues to contribute their reports so that you can produce consolidated project, programme or portfolio reports.

Click here to register and create your first assessment.


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