Issue register

The issue register records all problems that need to be escalated from one level of management to another.

Typical headings in the log include:

  • Identifier
  • Each issue should have a unique identifier. This is primarily used for cross-referencing in reports and supporting documentation.

  • Date
  • The date the issue was first raised.

  • Raised by
  • The details of the person or group raising the issue.

  • Escalated to
  • The details of the person or group that the issue is raised to.

  • Description
  • A description of the issue including cause and effect. Cause will explain how the issue came about and the effect will describe its impact on the objectives in terms of scope, schedule, finance, risk and resource.

  • Solution
  • Wherever possible, issues should be accompanied by options and recommendations for their resolution.

  • Decision
  • The nature of any decisions required, timescales for decision making and potentially, the consequences of delay.

    Subsequently updated to document the decisions made.

  • Status
  • The current status of the issue.

  • Date closed
  • The date when the decision was reached and implemented.

  • Cross references
  • Cross references could identify detailed information about the effect of the issue or about any exception plans that have been prepared to deal with it. Once the issue is closed there could be a cross-reference, for example, to the lessons learned log.



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