Managing simple projects with Praxis

by Mike Watson.

In this book Mike takes his common sense approach to simpler projects, typically managed by people often referred to as ‘accidental project managers’, and applies it using the principles set out in the Praxis Framework.

Cover of one project too many
One project too many.

A project management novel by Geoff Reiss and Geof Leigh.

In this novel, the two Geoffs take us through a steep learning curve as the supermarket chain SpendItNow discovers how to organise its chaotic portfolio of project and programmes.

Engineering project management cover
Engineering project management

by Ignacio Manzanera

This book is a collection of articles and papers contained in three written by Ignacio Manzanera between 2013 and 2015. We will be regularly converting Ignacio's extensive library of articles into html pages, uploading them to this anthology.



16th Nov 2020: Books moved to a new dedicated section as part of a revamp of the Library

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