The approach to managing projects set out in this book is deliberately designed to be very light on things such as form-filling and complex techniques but there may come a time when your ‘small’ project starts to grow into something that requires a more formal approach.

If we are honest about it many projects run with no clear project definition, no project plan, and very little control and reporting activity. Even the back of an envelope will be more effective than that.

But if your success with small projects leads to greater things and you are assigned to more complex, and usually larger, projects you can easily graft more complex techniques from the Praxis Framework into this book’s approach.

It is not a case of using this book for simple projects and then throwing it away when your projects get more complex. Things get more complex gradually. They evolve and your management approach should evolve in parallel.

Only use the extra detail if it adds value and you are comfortable doing it. Ultimately you may find yourself using the full Praxis Framework to manage significant and important projects. If so then this book has done its job.

Good luck with all your projects.

Mike Watson



Thanks to Mike Watson of Obsideo for providing this book


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