Phase Activities Summary


Identify objectives

Getting agreement to what it is we are trying to do and why.

Define roles and responsibilities

Identifying the key players, and setting out their responsibilities.

Manage stakeholders

Identifying the other players in the project, and what they want.


Plan with milestones

Establishing a structure or framework for the project by identifying key decision points linked to the production of major deliverables.

Plan detail

Documenting the detail of who will do what, how and when.

Manage quality

Making sure that the project delivers quality end and component products.

Manage the risks

Enhancing the robustness of the project plan by planning to manage risks in a proactive manner.

Manage the budget

Identifying where the money will be spent.


Start the activities

Making sure that activities actually start when you want them to start.

Control progress

Measuring progress, taking corrective actions, reporting progress.

Control changes

Dealing with the inevitable requests for change in an orderly manner


Close the project

Proving that the customer is happy with the end result, dealing with outstanding issues, and closing the files.

Learn how to improve

Taking a constructive look back at the way you managed the project in order to get it better next time.



Thanks to Mike Watson of Obsideo for providing this book


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