Chapter 1

Bob starts his new job and does not like everything he finds...

In this chapter we find that the supermarket chain, SpendItNow, has a portfolio of projects and programmes that are not run effectively – and certainly not run as a coherent portfolio linked to the company’s strategy. In fact, they don’t even know how to spell ‘portfolio’.



Part 1 - Bath time

Bob Sherunkle starts his new job as CEO of SpendItNow and dreams up a project that will make his mark.

Part 2 - Bob takes his ideas to the board..

.. and realises that the way the company runs its projects is not ideal.

Part 3 - Bob organises two away days..

.. and introduces a consultant (who also happens to be his nephew) to explain project, programme and portfolio management to the company board.

Part 4 - Bob worries about Jason..

.. and the Chief Finance Officer introdces Anna Key as the person who will run one of the most important projects the company has ever undertaken.




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