Chapter 9

Anna successfully concludes the pilot project; the team do a review of the lessons learned to help initiate the new programme

In this chapter Anna gets into a monthly progress reporting regime but then realised that there is a key part of the project that she hasn't been monitoring adequately. She gets things back on track and successfully concludes the project. Following a post project review, the roll out programme starts to come to life.



Part 1 – delivering the e-Trolley project

Anna convenes monthly progress meetings and things seem to be going really well

Part 2 – Anna’s assumptions about Steph’s work are wrong

Anna realises that project management is about what you need to do not just what you find most interesting

Part 3 – the e-Trolley project is reviewed

A post project review helps the team focus on what they have achieved and lays the groundwork for improving SpenItNow's capability maturity

Part 4 – a programme is born

All the hard work pays of but Anna realises things are about to get even harder.




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