Funding should:Capability maturity checklist assessment for project funding

  • determine the best way to fund the work;
  • secure commitment from the fund holders;
  • manage the release of funds throughout the life cycle.
Indicators Level 2 attributes


The provision of internal funding for less complex projects is normally more straightforward and level 2 capability is adequate.

Level 2 is also representative of circumstances where multiple projects, and possibly programmes, are consistently funded in the same way.

Level 3 capablity is more appropriate to external funding of larger projects and programmes where the arrangements are often unique to the specific context.

Greater integration between the administration of funds and control of expenditure is required at this level to ensure efficient use of facilities provided.

Identify sources

Regular funding sources are investigated and qualitatively assessed.

Negotiate terms

Usual terms are accepted with limited negotiation.

Administer funding

Funding is drawn down according to approved budgets and cash flow forecasts.

Indicators Level 3 attributes
Identify sources

All possible sources of funding are investigated and quantitatively compared.

The benefits of the chosen funding approach over others are demonstrable.

Negotiate terms

Specialist resources are employed to negotiate optimum terms and conditions.

Administer funding

Systems to administer the drawdown of funds are fully integrated with cost control systems.



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