Solutions development

Solutions development should:Capability maturity checklist assessment for project solutions development

  • evaluate baseline requirements and alternative solutions to achieve them;
  • select the optimum solution;
  • create a specification for the solution.
Indicators Level 2 attributes


At level 2 the management team may focus on the more obvious solutions that can be assessed more quickly using existing knowledge, expertise and/or technology.

At level 3 more time is spent on considering less obvious or more innovative solutions.

This may be illustrated by the implementation of structured requirements management techniques such as value management.

Evaluate and select

Alternative solutions are evaluated.

Assess value improvements

There is consideration of how value may be optimised.

Produce specification

Comprehensive specifications exist.

Indicators Level 3 attributes
Evaluate and select

A range of alternative solutions are fully evaluated including innovative approaches.

Assess value improvements

A range of formal value improvement techniques are applied in order to arrive at the preferred solution.

Produce specification

Specifications are complete, thorough and appropriate to the planned development method.



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