Closure process

Capability maturity checklist assessment for project closure processThe goals of this process are to:

  • close a project or programme that has delivered all its outputs;
  • close a project or programme that is no longer justifiable.
Indicators Level 2 attributes


Activities such as hand over will vary in detail depending upon whether performance is subject to contractual terms.

Responsibilities for demobilisation will be affected by whether a project or programme is stand-alone or part of a portfolio.


Projects and programmes are formally closed with the goals of closure usually achieved.

Prepare for closure

Closure activities, including hand over, review and demobilisation are planned in advance of closure.

Hand over

All deliverables are handed over with the relevant stakeholders confirming that specifications have been met.

Follow-on actions reports may be used to agree actions required to finalise deliverables after closure.


The management and governance of the project or programme is reviewed and a post-project or post- programme review is prepared with lessons learned highlighted.

If appropriate achievement of the business case is reviewed.


All physical assets are sold, redeployed or hire contracts closed. Contracts for services are closed.

Internal human resources are released to their home departments or redeployed to other projects or programmes.

Indicators Level 3 attributes

A process for managing closure is centrally defined. This is tailored to suit the context of projects.

Projects and programmes are terminated when no longer justifiable.

Prepare for closure

Specialist resources are available to work with the management team while closure is planned in parallel with project or programme delivery.

Hand over

Stakeholder satisfaction with deliverables is followed up post-handover to confirm that both handover and any follow-on actions were successful.


Lessons learned are consistently recorded and disseminated.

Recommendations for the improvement of standard processes and procedures are made.


In the case of redeployment of physical assets or release of internal human resource, demobilisation is performed with the requirements of other projects and programmes in mind and not as an isolated activity.



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