Governance process

The goals of this process are to:

  • provide ownership of the objectives of the portfolio;
  • oversee assurance of the portfolio;
  • promote the discipline and profession of P3 management.
Indicators Level 2 attributes


The principles of governance maturity are the same for a standard or structured portfolio.

They will simply be applied in a different context with a structured portfolio having the additional focus of a defined set of strategic objectives.


An infrastructure exists that includes competent individuals with responsibility to govern the portfolio.

Support the portfolio

A senior manager has responsibility for sponsorship of the portfolio.

A portfolio infrastructure exists has responsibility for co-ordinating all projects and programmes within the host organisation.

Support the discipline

Formal approaches are promoted for the management of projects and programmes.

Preferred tools and techniques are defined for relevant functions.

The host organisation understands its capability level in all relevant functions.

Support the profession

The portfolio manages learning and development programmes for project staff including knowledge and competency development.

The host organisation understands its capability level in the application of all relevant functions.



Level 3 attributes


The governance infrastructure is established as the centre of excellence for the discipline and profession of P3 management.

Support the portfolio

The portfolio infrastructure is formally constituted as a permanent organisation (such as a PMO).

This includes formal approaches to sponsorship, assurance and project or programme support across the portfolio.

Support the discipline

Standard life cycle processes and tailoring guidelines are implemented.

Knowledge is captured and used on new projects and programmes.

The host organisation understands its maturity level in the application of all relevant processes.

Support the profession

Communities of practice are set up, ethical standards are established and P3 management is seen as equivalent to other professions within the business.



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