Development process

Capability maturity checklist assessment for project development processThe goals of this process are to:

  • transfer responsibility for a package of work;
  • execute the package of work;
  • transfer ownership of the finished products.
Indicators Level 2 attributes


This maturity should be developed and assessed according to the context in which it is being used. It may be appropriate to have multiple versions, for example:

  • where a programme is delegating work to a project this process is effectively a summary of the project life cycle

  • where a project or programme delegates work packages to suppliers who perform according to a negotiated contract

  • where managers of smaller projects allocate work to internal teams or individuals.


The formal definition and allocation of work packages to teams, suppliers or individuals is recognised and documented.

Accept work package

Recipients of delegated work formally acknowledge receipt of the work package scope and performance criteria.

Perform work

The team or individuals performing the work are technically competent and provide regular progress updates.

Deliver products

All products are formally handed over with accompanying documentation.

Indicators Level 3 attributes

A process for delegating work packages is centrally defined and tailored to suit the context.

Accept work package

Recipients of delegated work are involved in refining the work package scope and performance criteria.

Perform work

The team or individual performing the work use monitoring and reporting procedures that are consistent with those used to consolidate progress information at the higher level. There are regular updates from the higher level covering any external influences on the performance of the work.

Deliver products

Product handover is consistent for all work packages across the project or programme.



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