Plan delivery

The purpose of this competency is to achieve the goals of delivery planning, i.e. to:

  • describe the objectives of the project, programme or portfolio;
  • define the work required to achieve the objectives and describe how it will be performed;
  • estimate the resources and finance needed to perform the work;
  • document the plans and update them throughout the life cycle.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. prepare specifications that describe the scope of the work
  2. prepare delivery plans for all aspects of the work, including schedule, finance, resources, risk, change
  3. update plans throughout the life cycle
  4. assure the quality of delivery planning

Most of the criteria in this competency are covered by other more detailed competencies, i.e. where planning is described for each function.

The primary use for this competency is on smaller projects or where a role does not include detailed planning criteria from other functional competencies.

Knowledge and understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the principles and goals of delivery planning
  2. responsibilities for delivery planning
  3. the context of the work and its impact on delivery planning
  4. the way in which delivery plans should be prepared and presented
  5. estimating techniques applicable to different components of delivery
  6. modelling techniques applicable to schedules, finances, resources, risk and change
  7. how delivery plans are connected and how updates on plans impact on other plans
  8. how assurance applies to delivery planning.



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