Manage scope

The purpose of this competency is to achieve the goals of scope management, i.e. to:

  • identify stakeholder wants and needs;
  • specify outputs, outcomes and benefits that meet agreed requirements;
  • maintain scope throughout the life cycle.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. plan and initiate scope management
  2. work with stakeholders to determine and agree scope
  3. accurately document, baseline and communicate scope
  4. monitor work and ensure it accords to agreed scope
  5. control changes and maintain scope documentation
  6. assure the quality of scope management

Scope is the primary factor in deciding whether to manage work as a project or programme. While the performance criteria are applicable in all situations, the knowledge criteria may be adjusted (for example benefits management may not be within the scope of a non-complex project).

This competency summarises several others and should be adjusted according to the set of scope related competencies used.

Knowledge and understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the principles and goals of scope management
  2. responsibilities for scope management
  3. the context of the work and its impact on managing scope
  4. an overall procedure for managing scope
  5. the purpose and content of scope documentation
  6. product definition techniques
    the principles of requirements management and solution development
  7. the principles of benefits management
  8. the principles of change control and configuration management
  9. how assurance applies to scope management



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