Provide assurance

The purpose of this competency is to achieve the goals of assurance, i.e. to:

  • review management planning;
  • monitor effectiveness of functions and processes;
  • give stakeholders confidence that the work is being managed effectively and efficiently.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. plan and initiate assurance
  2. review the design and implementation of life cycle based processes
  3. review the design and implementation of management plans
  4. audit the performance of quality control activities and review any resulting corrective action
  5. maintain assurance documentation
  6. communicate the outcomes of assurance to stakeholders

This is the only competency that doesn’t have a performance criterion that starts with “assure the quality of…” because that would be a circular reference.

This competency may be applied by someone acting internally or externally to the management team.

When applied as external assurance, it would include the checking of any previous internal assurance, e.g. programme assurance may check that project assurance is being conducted correctly.

Where the context of the work requires particularly rigorous assurance (e.g. legislative or regulatory requirements, high risk environments etc.), the knowledge criteria may be expanded to include specific assurance techniques.

Knowledge and understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the goals of assurance
  2. responsibilities for assurance
  3. the context of the work and its impact on assurance
  4. assurance procedures and techniques
  5. the purpose and content of assurance documentation
  6. the principles of the P3 functions and processes being assured
  7. how to adapt assurance throughout the life cycle
  8. how to communicate assurance outcomes to stakeholders



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