Manage change

The purpose of this competency is to achieve the goals of change management, i.e. to:

  • define the organisational change required to convert outputs into benefits;
  • ensure the organisation is prepared to implement change;
  • implement the change and embed it into organisational practice.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. plan and initiate change
  2. identify the change required to existing practices
  3. assess the organisation’s readiness to change
  4. communicate and implement change
  5. ensure that new practices are embedded in business as usual
  6. maintain change management documentation
  7. assure the quality of change management

The amount of organisational change required by a project, programme or portfolio varies considerably, as do the consequences of managing change badly.

This competency is also relevant to several roles that have a different perspective on change management.

It is important therefore, to ensure that this competency matches the importance of change management in the context of the work and also the role to which it is applied.

Knowledge and understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the principles and goals of change management
  2. responsibilities for change management
  3. the context of the work and its impact on change management
  4. a procedure for change management
  5. the purpose and content of change management documentation
  6. how to specify change
  7. models that describe the nature of organisational change
  8. how to communicate change
    techniques for assessing readiness to change
  9. methods for overcoming resistance to change
  10. how to ensure changes are embedded in business as usual
  11. how assurance applies to change management



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