Praxis certification pathway

The entry level certification is the Praxis Foundation which is a one hour, closed-book, objective test examination of 75 questions with a 50% pass mark.

At this level you need to know facts, including terms, context, processes, functional framework, techniques, roles and responsibilities from the guidance.

You also need to understand the context, processes, functional framework, organizational factors and roles and can explain how these are applied to a P3 environment.

The second level is the Praxis Practitioner, a 2.5 hour, open-book, objective test examination with 80 questions and a 50% pass mark.

At this level you must be able to apply key concepts to a given scenario, including being able to:

(i) Use the functions appropriately;

(ii) Create the documents;

(iii) Tailor the processes appropriately; for a given scenario.

The third level is the Praxis Framework Professional. To progress to this level, you need to gain five years experience of managing projects or programmes. Your written submission will be assessed through a written application with portfolio of evidence, virtual presentation and professional discussion lasting a minimum of 2 hours.

At this level you need to demonstrate experience of adapting and applying PPM functions and processes on projects or programmes that exhibit characteristics of complexity.

These projects, programmes or portfolios must exhibit characteristics of complexity, you must have the required breadth of project experience to meet the requirements of 20 competencies, have an advanced technical knowledge and be able to confidently evaluate and analyse the theory of current practices and methods.

The first three levels of certification are administered by APMG-International with the Praxis Framework Professional providing the necessary exemptions for Route 2 to the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) designation from the Association for Project Management (APM).

The ChPP assessment process is administered by the APM.

In addition to the Praxis Framework Professional certification applicants for ChPP must provide or demonstrate:

  • Two referees;
  • Commitment to professional ethics;
  • Currency of practice
  • Commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) with evidence of 35 hours of CPD in the last 12 months

The ChPP interview lasts up to 30 minutes.




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