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The library underpins the Praxis framework with explanations, examples and support in a wide variety of forms, all closely integrated with the main framework.

The encyclopaedia explains tools and techniques that are referenced in the main framework.

In the resources section we are building a page for each function and process from the main framework that contains articles, worked examples, documents and templates, and a portal section that references free content from around the web.

The comparative glossary shows how terminology from a variety of guides and standards can be compared and 'translated'.

Our books have been donated by authors who want to support the idea of a free and open library of content for project programme and portfolio managers.

And finally (for now) the ISO21500 section shows how an alternative process model can be built into the Praxis framework, either an international standard such as ISO21500 or a company specific set of processes.

Contact us if you would like to discuss having a bespoke version of the Praxis Framework that you can tailor with your own processes, documents, templates and supporting material.


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