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The library underpins the Praxis framework with additional content in a wide variety of forms, all closely integrated with the main framework. The library is constantly expanding with additions to existing sections and entirely new sections - all designed to help those involved in projects, programmes and portfolios continue their professional development.

Encyclopaedia tile templates

The Praxis encyclopaedia of tools, techniques and models for project, programme and portfolio management.

Blank and annotated templates for all the main documents used in Praxis.

A comparative glossary with terms from all the major guides explained and compared.

Understand how people with different communication styles perceive functions and processes in different ways.

A model for integrating P3 governance with strategic and operational governance.

Information about Praxis training and certification provided by APMG International.

Buy the Praxis book from the Association for Project Management. Available in hard copy or Kindle format.

Praxis Local is a downloadable front end to the web site that can be tailored by individuals and organisations.

A series of guides to using Praxis with national and international standards.

Articles and blogs arranged by author.

Find out how people have used the Praxis Framework.

Free books dealing with various aspects of project management.




25.09.2018: Updated to include direct links to templates, Praxis Local and the Project Delivery Standard pages.

19.11.2020: New format that provides icons to access the growing volume of Library content

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