Net present value calculations


The net present vaue of an investment is the difference between the present value of future income and the present vale of future costs.

Initial research for Brook Bicycles's Columbus project has identified three possible locations for a new retail outlet. Click here to download a PDF of the background to the project and the basic financial data relating to the three locations.

This worked example will use the data to compare the net present value of two of the sites over 5 years.


The Cascades

The table below takes the financial data for the Cascades development and calculates the net present value over five years using a discount rate of 8%. All figures are in thousands.

Year Net cash flow Discount factors @ 8% Discounted net cash flow
0 -595 1.000 -595.00
1 400 0.926 370.40
2 410 0.857 351.37
3 436 0.794 346.18
4 471 0.735 349.19
5 486 0.681 330.97
    NPV = 1,153.11


Discount factors are calculated using the formula:

Individual discount factors can be calculated or read from a table.

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet that calculates the discount factors up to 10% for 10years.


Dn = discount factor

r = discount rate

n = number of years ahead





Click on the image opposite to download a PDF that you can use to insert the figures for the Village Quarter development and calculate the net present value.

Net present value - blank template

Then click on the image opposite to download a model answer.

Net present value table - model answer


What next?

Columbus project investment appraisal

See the full investment appraisal including several appraisal techniques and a final consolidation.





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