PESTLE analysis

When assessing the context of a project, programme or portfolio there are many different aspects to consider. A common checklist of the external influences to consider comprises:

  • Political.
  • Environmental.
  • Social.
  • Technological.
  • Legal.
  • Economic.

These are usually combined into the acronym PESTLE. In some cases not all of these factors are relevant and so a PEST analysis might be more appropriate. Other situations might have an ethical element, with the addition of another ‘E’ creating the acronym STEEPLE.

Whatever the acronym, this should not be seen as a well-defined technique. It is simply an acronym for a series of items in a checklist and the key thing to remember is that there are multiple aspects to the environment in which a project, programme or portfolio exists – and all need to be considered in order to fully understand the broader context.



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