Click here for articles about teamworkCharles Margerison and Dick McCann developed their team development profile and team wheel based on the personality theories of Jung. Its advocates cite its basis on psychometric testing as its main advantage over other team profiles such as Belbin.

The team wheel shows an individual’s primary and related work preferences side by side.


The team wheel


  • Explorer-Promoter
  • This role is influential and outgoing but easily bored. They like exciting, stimulating work which they are happy to ‘sell’ to others through persuasion.

  • Assessor-Developer
  • An analytical and objective role that enjoys developing new ideas and evaluating different options.

  • Thruster-Organiser
  • A role that likes to get things done. They like to organise and implement; they are analytical, results oriented and decisive.

  • Concluder-Producer
  • This role likes schedules and plans, and values both effectiveness and efficiency. They are practical and take pride in producing goods and services.

  • Controller-Inspector
  • A detail oriented role that is focused on control and isn’t a ‘people-person’. A good role to inspect standards and procedures.

  • Upholder-Maintainer
  • A loyal and supportive role with strong personal values and a clear sense of right and wrong. Their motivation to work is based on purpose.

  • Reporter-Advisor
  • A supportive and tolerant role that is a collector of information. This is someone who doesn’t like to be rushed but is knowledgeable and flexible.

  • Creator-Innovator
  • This role is imaginative and enjoys complexity. They are creative and like research work.


Margerison and McCann devoted an entire article to the role at the centre of the wheel – the linker. They observed that “all teams need a manager or supervisor who acts as a critical ‘link person’ in getting things done" – a pretty good description of the P3 Manager.



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