Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder management requires the management team to have a thorough understanding of stakeholders and their interests. This is often achieved through stakeholder mapping.

Different things can be mapped but the first and most obvious is to map stakeholders against their interest in a project, programme or portfolio. The chart below could be the projects within a programme or portfolio and shows which ones each stakeholder is interested in or affected by. This may result from, or be supplemented by, an influence diagram.


A matrix of stakeholders and their interest


Not all stakeholders are the same. They will have different levels of interest in the work and different abilities to influence or affect it.

A more detailed level of analysis and mapping, estimates the level of influence and the level of interest of each stakeholder. It also distinguishes between those who are in favour of the work (for), those who object to it (against) and those who are not too bothered either way (ambivalent).

Part of stakeholder management will be to exert influence on the stakeholders and try to move them from right to left on the chart.


Influence and impact in a RAG report


Cells in the matrix may be marked in the RAG style so that they relate to pre-determined actions set out in a stakeholder management plan and perhaps a communication plan.

This approach is closely related to the probability-impact assessment of risk events.



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