Martin Paver

From being a young engineer through to leading a $bn infrastructure project I have always been frustrated with how difficult it is to leverage experience from previous projects. I now have the opportunity to do something about it and it is a wonderful challenge.

I am the founder of Projecting Success and my quest is to work with organisations to help bring new thinking to how they leverage value from investments in delivered projects, avoid the same costly mistakes of the past and exploit good practice. I apply the latest data analytics thinking and combine this with practical experience in bids, project delivery and knowledge management.

I am proud to have founded the London Project Data Analytics Meetup and Project:Hack. We are developing a community of people who have a passion for leveraging project data. A community that will reshape the future of how projects are delivered.

Leveraging experience shouldn't be a tick box exercise. If Ferrari and the Sky cycling team deliver success based on small margins, how can project delivery professionals ignore the large margins that are clearly evident from past project delivery? Its time to bring new thinking to a subject that could save organisations $billions, save reputations and transform productivity.


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