Who owns project management in your company?

by Ron Rosenhead

It is interesting as I visit different companies around the UK to establish who owns project management within the business.  I usually ask the above question; with interesting results!

The answer never seems to be straightforward. Some people simply do not know, others suggest the PMO or maybe the IT Director, or HR Director or …..I have even had it suggested that responsibility is shared between Directors but the person clearly had no idea.

What does owning project management really mean?

But what does owning project management mean?  We need to establish why it is important to have an owner for project management. What does the owner do?

  1. They ensure that the project management processes are being used. There will be cries from readers who say well we use the company approach. But, I have seen too often only parts of the business use the approach with others not even aware it exists. Enter point 2 below

  2. Ensuring everyone knows about the approach – through training, marketing, information on the XX drive of the intranet

  3. Promoting project management in different part of the business – again through workshops, attending management meetings and project board meetings and laising with project sponsors

  4. Carrying out reviews of the internal approach. Is it fit for purpose? Does it ensure quality results? What needs changing?

  5. Looking at quicker ways to deliver projects – delaying some projects, cutting others, promoting others in the priority list

  6. Checking where there are resource conflicts at a strategic level

Now I know this strays into the realms of a Project Director role or the role of the PMO, in fact, many roles. That is the real issue. I am concerned that in many companies there is no ownership with little action towards the six points above.

So, back to my question, who owns project management in your company?


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