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This path is concerned with improving an organisation’s capability maturity in project delivery by building on the Individual and Team Paths. It achieves this in an incremental and iterative way and results can be seen in a real-time dashboard of continual improvement.



The conventional approach to capability maturity is to perform an initial assessment, follow this with an improvement programme and conclude with another assessment that hopefully quantifies the improvement. This is usually expensive, time consuming and is subject to all the problems associated with programmes of behavioural change.



The Praxis approach is much simpler. By implementing the Individual and Team paths, organisational maturity starts to improve from ‘Day 1’ and develops iteratively and incrementally. Any checklist assessments completed as part of the Individual and Team Paths can, at any time, be consolidated into a portfolio structure. Changes at any point in the structure will immediately be reflected upwards to create a real-time dashboard of continual improvement.

The dashboard highlights areas of excellence and areas in need of improvement. The beneficial results of improvement actions can easily be seen both locally and organisationally. New ideas for improvement can be tested without waiting for the next organisational maturity assessment.



An important aspect of capability maturity is the adaptation of a framework to match the specific organisational context.

The Praxis website provides an extensive range of resources in addition to the core framework. Most of this content is covered by a Creative Commons1 licence that enables organisations to freely copy and adapt the material. In addition, organisations that have their own repository of explicit knowledge can integrate this with the generic framework.

Praxis Local is a dynamic PowerPoint based document that summarises the contents of the framework and provides links to the detail contained on the web site. It can be adapted and expanded with additional, organisation specific content either within the PowerPoint file or via links to organisation assets.



This is typically then saved as a pdf file that can be used locally on PCs and tablets to act as a simplified ‘front end’ to a large repository of knowledge. The generic files are free to download from the Praxis web site.

Where the tailoring includes the exclusion of topics that are not applicable in a given context, these topics can also be excluded from the assessment checklists so that the capability maturity process is aligned to the organisation.




  1. Creative Commons is a copyright licencing system for sharing free content (  The  Praxis Framework, Praxis Pathway, Praxis 360 and Team Praxis are all free to use under a CC-BY-SA licence. This means that if you reproduce Praxis content, you simply need to recognise the source.  Articles and blogs provided by our contributors remain the copyright of the authors and are the only materials not covered by the Creative Commons Licence.



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