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Core competences for Project Managers - avoiding the need to ‘walk on water’

Murray-Webster and Simon

Out of 103 people asked what are the most important project management competencies, 100 of those listed were people-related or ‘soft’ skills, such as being an effective leader, a good listener, having the ability to deal with conflict and so on.

Lucidus consulting

Hard + Soft = Success; from theory to practice

Murray-Webster and Simon

Project Managers and the organisations that employ them
conceive their work as requiring attention to the Methodological and Operational Competences (MOCs); often at the expense of the Human and Organisational Competences (HOCs).

Lucidus consulting

Domain experience: a double edged sword

Murray-Webster and Simon

The question is often posed - ‘should the Project Manager have domain experience?’ i.e. should a manager for a construction project be a qualified engineer who has done one before? Or should the manager of an IT project have experience as a business analyst or programmer?

Lucidus consulting

The double edged sword returns

Murray-Webster and Simon

What happens in practice is that the domain expert Project Managers believe that they are too busy to plan properly and that it is quicker and more effective to do tasks themselves than to delegate.

Lucidus consulting

Developing the competence of
project management personnel


Competent individuals are one necessary element of the competence and capability of an enterprise (number 5 in a series of 13)

Project Manager Today magazine


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GAPPS Framework for project managers


PDF; 52 pages

A set of performance based competency definitions for project managers (requires registration to download)

GAPPS Framework for programme managers


PDF; 62 pages

A set of performance based competency definitions for programme managers (requires registration to download)

GAPPS Framework for project sponsors


PDF; 33 pages

A set of performance based competency definitions for project sponsors (requires registration to download)

UK National Occupational Standards



The search page for the database of competency units in the UK national occupational standards


  1. Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards
  2. UK National Occupational Standards


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