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Tired workers lose their ethics


Tired people are more grumpy, absent minded and clumsy than normal and new research suggests that they are more likely to cheat!

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Ethics and leadership


Many fail to appreciate the importance of ethics to effective project management. The primary enemy of ethics is not greed or dishonesty but unthinking practice.

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The convergence of sustainability and project management


Measuring the degree to which an organization is being sustainable or pursuing sustainable growth can be difficult but in a project centric organization, but it doesn’t have to be.

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The Carbon Footprint and projects


For far too long, projects and business have been working to achieve bigger and better, but at what cost to our environment.

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Ethics and sustainability


Building ethics and sustainability into a project does not limit its success; in fact the reverse is often true. London’s Crossrail project is turning into an outstandingly successful project despite numerous challenges.

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Morals and policy


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve needed to look at the relationship between morals, ethics, values, principles and policies to help define several of these terms for use in ISO 21503, Guide to the governance of projects, programs and portfolios.

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


PDF; 10 pages

The IPMA's guide to professional conduct

Code of Professional Conduct


PDF; 5 pages

The APM's guide to professional conduct

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


PDF; 8 pages

The PMI's guide to professional conduct

Ethical decision-making framework


PDF; 2 pages

A recommended procedure for making ethical decisions

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


PDF; 6 pages

The AIPM's guide to professional conduct


  1. International Project Management Association
  2. Association of Project Management
  3. Project Management Institute
  4. Australian Institute of Project Management

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