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Harnessing the staged approach to projects


Stages are specific periods during which work on the project takes place. These are when information is collected and outputs created. For each stage in the project, you should carry out the full range of work covering the entire scope of functional inputs required to achieve the benefits, including commercial, technical and operational aspects.

Project Workout

Are all guides based on the same life cycle?


This article demonstrates how most project and programme guides base their processes on the same basic life cycle.

Praxis Framework Ltd

Make the life cycle work - think across the ‘V’

Murray-Webster and Simon

Most of us envisage a project or product life cycle as a series of sequentially linked or overlapping phases, often pictured as a ‘waterfall’. This representation of the life cycle directly influences the way a project is undertaken.

Lucidus consulting


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A closer look at project life cycles

EE pub's

PDF; 7 pages

This paper focuses on software development life cycles and has some observations as to which is the best based on time, budget and uncertainty.

The role of the Project Life Cycle (Life Span) in Project Management


PDF; 22 pages

An slightly academic literature review of all aspects of the project life cycle.

The RIBA Plan of Work


HTML guide

An example of how the basic life cycle may be presented for a specific role in a specific industry . In this case Architects in Construction.


  1. Royal Institute of British Architects


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Life cycle

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