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Conflict in Project Management: what an opportunity!

Murray-Webster and Simon

In reality the project manager cannot avoid conflict; yet it seems that many practitioners are less than confident in their ability to turn inevitable conflict into opportunity for the team, project and to ensure wider organisational effectiveness.

Lucidus consulting

Project management ‘Western’ style

Murray-Webster and Simon

It is clear that many of the things we discuss during ‘Western style’ project management education, particularly topics such as conflict management and leadership, are perceived differently in ‘Eastern’ countries and cultures.

Lucidus consulting

What do you do when you can't manage the conflict?

Murray-Webster and Simon

Conflict is inevitable. Some would argue it is also desirable as from difference creativity, innovation and value can flow. But conflicts can turn nasty at which point we tend to call them disputes.

Lucidus consulting

Where conflict shouldn't end up


Managing conflict is not just about understanding where a conversation should go, but




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