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Project surveillance


The role of project surveillance should be focused on assuring the organisation’s senior management and other stakeholders that their project and program management teams are making the best decisions

Mosaic Project Solutions pty

Proactive project surveillance


Effective surveillance systems are needed to identify which of the projects are currently candidates for failure.

Mosaic Project Solutions pty

Put quality back in the iron triangle.

Murray-Webster and Simon

Project management knowledge areas such as risk management or value management are somehow seen as ‘sexy’ and ‘must-haves’ for projects when quality management is seen as ‘frumpy’ at best and optional at worst.

Lucidus consulting

Differentiating scope and quality.

Murray-Webster and Simon

What are the root causes of poor attention to quality management for projects?

Lucidus consulting

Audits, health checks, reviews and bechmarking


These are important tools in learning and knowledge management, helping to identify weaknesses in current capability and thus possible areas of improvement (Number 13 in a series of 13)

Project Manager Today magazine


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Assurance management plan

Document description


Assurance management plan (MS Word)

Template with annotations – useful for initial notes on content.


Assurance management plan (MS Word)

Blank template


Capability checklist

An infographic showing some of the key steps at capability levels 1 to 3



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External resources

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Title Source Format and length Notes

Toolkit for assuring projects


PDF; 64 pages

An excellent and extensive guide to project assurance

Apply quality assurance procedures to Project Control, Estimating, Planning & Cost Engineering activities



PDF; 5 pages

Two sample competency definitions from the UK National Occupational Standards (NOS). For more examples search for 'project assurance' here

Maintain a quality management system for the project

PDF; 6 pages


  1. Association for Project Management (UK member of the IPMA)
  2. UK National Occupational Standards

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