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Project lessons from the Great Escape


Roger Bushell (the project manager of the Great Escape) was well aware that constraints would dictate the scheduling of activities for the project. Notably, the length of the project timeline, and seasonal constraints.

Project Manager Today magazine

What makes a good and usable project schedule?

Murray-Webster and Simon

It has become apparent to us that a disciplined and knowledgeable approach to project scheduling is seriously lacking  in many project organisations.

Lucidus consulting

Reviving the modern art of scheduling.

Murray-Webster and Simon

Have modern tools destroyed the art of scheduling?

Lucidus consulting

Planning - less is more (usually)


A salutary tale from Mike Watson exlaining why the level of detail in a project schedule must be tailored to its intended audience.


Prediction is difficult


Niels Bohr’s quote, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future” neatly encapsulates the challenges facing project controls professionals every working day

Mosaic Project Services

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Schedule management plan

Document description


Schedule management plan (MS Word)

Template with annotations – useful for initial notes on content.


Schedule management plan (MS Word)

Blank template


Capability checklist

An infographic showing some of the key steps at capability levels 1 to 3


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External resources

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Schedule Assessment Guide (the terminology of this guide is included in the Praxis comparative glossary)


PDF; 240 pages

An extensive guide to 'best practice' in scheduling. While primarily aimed at public sector capital projects there is useful material for projects of all types.

Develop the project schedule



PDF; 5 pages

Two sample competency definitions from the UK National Occupational Standards (NOS). For more examples search for 'project schedule' here

Co-ordinate and control project schedules

PDF; 6 pages

Managing the project schedule


PDF; 54 pages

An introductory guide to developing and controlling a schedule.

Integrated planning for the London 2012 Programme


PDF; 2 pages

An overview of how project schedules were integrated for the London Olympics


  1. U.S. Government Accountability Office
  2. UK National Occupational Standards
  3. Free management ebooks
  4. Learning legacy - lessons learned from London 2012

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