Projects, programmes and portfolios


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Projects, programmes portfolios and the discontinuous mind.


This article argues that the somewhat artificial concept of projects, programmes and portfolios is a product of human nature.

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Defining programme types


Typologies are based on the inherent characteristics of the project or program (not the industry they are
based in).

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Project Size and Categorisation


The ability to efficiently manage new projects is directly affected by an organization's ability to remember past successes and learn from past challenges. This requires a logical, organised categorisation process for both projects and programs

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Gaining benefit for projects from a programme mind set

Murray-Webster and Simon

Historically there has been a huge amount of confusion in the project management world about what a programme is and what makes programme management different from ‘big’ project management, and indeed from portfolio management.

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Project, programme or portfolio - what’s in a word?

Murray-Webster and Simon

Rather than just using project, for the things we do to undertake change we have introduced two new words; programme and portfolio, but is there consensus on what these actually mean?

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