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What makes a team work?


Creating the right team and helping it to deliver effectively are crucial to success and working as a team has been central to human evolution and survival.

Project Manager Today magazine

The problem with teams


Liz Goodman and our trouble-shooter team look at some of the troublemakers you
certainly would not want on your team…

Project Manager Today magazine

Encouraging team involvement


Try a combination of the following eight steps to encourage your team to adopt risk management:

Project Manager Today magazine

International team working; what makes a difference?

Murray-Webster and Simon

Project management is difficult enough when the core team and stakeholders are predominantly from one national and organisation culture. Increasingly this is not the case.

Lucidus consulting

Virtually sure to struggle?

Murray-Webster and Simon

While organisations have learnt much about
working in virtual teams and in virtual environments over past years, they seem to continue to underestimate the challenges.

Lucidus consulting

Dealing with difficult people - maybe it's you


Do you ever face those times when everything needs to be done yesterday and a colleague is being nit-picky about detail when surely he can see that speed is of the essence? I mean, what planet is he on?

Project Manager Today magazine

Just how can you manage remote resources in a multi-cultural team?


Well, this topic is larger than one simple blog post, but here are a few ideas for some practical approaches to managing a few of the common challenges found in a multi-cultural team.




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