Budgeting and cost control


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The cost of managing risk


As we seek to manage risk effectively, questions of cost also arise since risk management is not free. There is no “zero-cost option” for risk management.

Risk Doctor

Lessons from the Great Escape


In The Great Escape cost was measured in labour but without a monetary value. One of the assets of the escape project was the availability of human labour and the prisoners’ willingness to work.

Project Manager Today magazine

Cost estimating - top ten tips


Different organizations have different expectations for cost estimates. Some see them as flexible glances into a crystal ball of what might be. Others see them as the future, carved immutably in mystic runes in ancient granite unchanged and unchanging.

Project Manager Today magazine


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Capability checklist

An infographic showing some of the key steps at capability levels 1 to 3


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Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide


PDF; 440 pages

An extensive guide to 'best practice' in cost estimating and control. Also includes material on earned value, sensitivity analysis and the use of work breakdown structures.

Estimate the project costs and agree the project budget



PDF; 6 pages

Two sample competency definitions from the UK National Occupational Standards (NOS). For more examples search for 'project cost budget' here

Prepare budgets for control purposes through Project Control, Estimating, Planning & Cost Engineering activities

PDF; 5 pages

Managing the project budget


PDF; 57 pages

An guide to developing and controlling a budget. Also includes chapters on contract management and payment methods.

Approach to Anticipated Final Cost


PDF; 2 pages

An overview of how final cost forecasts were managed for the London Olympics


  1. U.S. Government Accountability Office
  2. UK National Occupational Standards
  3. Free management books
  4. Learning legacy - lessons learned from London 2012

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