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Complex project management


Whilst all projects have a degree of complexity Complex Project Management is focused on the major projects undertaken in response to ill-defined and often mutually-incompatible stakeholder requirements.

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Complexity made simple


Complexity theory helps understand the social behaviours of teams and the networks of people involved in and around a project. The ideas apply equally to small in-house projects as to large complicated programs. In this regard, ‘complexity’ is not a synonym for ‘complicated’ or ‘large’.

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The Project Complexity Questionnaire


Excel spreadsheet

A complexity assessment questionnaire aimed specifically if the projects you have managed are suitably complex to achieve the APM's Registered Project Professional (RPP) designation.

Navigating complexity


PDF; 27 pages

A report from the 'Pulse of the Profession' series.


  1. Association for Project Management
  2. Project Management Institute


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